Teaching Islamic Studies - Series Introduction - Getting Started

If you are just starting out, whether homeschooling or not, you may feel a little unsure of where to start teaching your children Islamic Studies. In truth, we have been teaching them about their deen (religion) from the moment they were born or when we, ourselves, as parents became Muslim.

Whether you want to informally or formally teach your children about their deen, TJ has resources to help you start or go further along your journey, in sha Allah.

Q: What does Islamic Studies look like?
A: Islamic studies is decidedly different, for every family.

You really can get as informal or formal as you want.
You can teach Islamic Studies more informally by simply reading the Quraan, its tafsir, ahadith, or scholarly works and discussing them.
You can go more formal by buying a packaged curriculum or textbooks and having kids complete worksheets and write essays.
You can make up your own curriculum.
You can make lapbooks, notebooks, and scrapbooks to capture what you have learned.
You can do crafts.
There are many options.  If you are just starting out (or reinventing your IS), this series offers tips and information to help get you going, in sha Allah.
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